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I’ve been very quiet for the last month or two (holy crap, has it been that long??). I could tell you what went on, or … no wait that’ll take up good blog-space. Let’s see, the last post was on … wow. November 17th. Well, now I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone stopped reading it. Thank goodness for RSS feeds, eh? Anyway what happened was: First my brothers and I raced my Mom and Dad down to Houston for Thanksgiving to meet up with my dad’s side of the family. Then there were only 3 weeks left before school was out, and silly me thought I would be able to get work done while all the profs were assigning everything they forgot to teach us during the semester. Directly after that there was Christmas break, which really was not a break, and consisted of a drive to Tulsa, losing my purse (dumby), a nice quick drive down to San Antonio, a friend visiting for New Years (no, I know. He sucks–his website does not work.), a crazy awesome New Year’s party, and catching up with all my Tulsa buddies, and a drive back to Norman–whew. And since then, it’s been a paper turned in that my prof didn’t really agree with … or it didn’t agree with him … I dunno–I have yet to figure that out, as well as a ton of lab work to catch up to where I think I should be …

But since the year has turned, I went back through the blog (rather quickly between DCA runs if you know what I’m saying). And pulled up all the titles of unpublished or draft ideas I had started but never finished (well, not all of them. One was not really ever meant to be printed–just funny and … lude, and the other one is a surprise I’m saving for 2009, so it’ll stay secretlike in my blogger account). Some of them are pretty funny. For the most part, the reason they are here and not an actual post is because I either lost interest (The Phantom 30 gig was supposed to be about Vista, but I’ve since given up on Vista … but I might still write the post), or not gotten around to it, or I’ve totally forgotten what it was about (Reverse Psychology Girl, Spanish Thingy)

Reverse Psychology Girl
More Polymers
Math Tutors!
Spanish Thingy
The Phantom 30 gig
TV is a lie!
Google is creepy
Wikipedia as a research tool
Free in a package of batteries

Anyway, now we may take time to meditate on things past … and things to come. Hopefully in 2009 I can take a few minutes to stop thinking about decanoyl-N-methyl glucamine and sodium docecylsulfate to write a post or two.

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One comment on “Hiatus
  1. tiGGlet says:

    hey, i would be sad if you wrote a blog on “why google is creepy”. I’m such a google fan girl ♥.

    haven’t check out your blog in a while. i’ll catch up now :)

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