You must have your space

Kendall to Earth:

Not sure if anyone’s set up with this particular RSS feed or not.  There was a switch from blogger when they stopped supporting ftp. That was right around the time I stopped posting.  And then at the end of this year, I decided to switch hosting from godaddy (SOPA, what now?) and instead of setting up the blog right away, I just let it sit there (paying hosting for nothing apparently)–an empty wordpress blog. How sad.  With the occasional spam comment. But–

Today, I met up with some girls (an Oklahoma City group–Nerdy Girls or NG for short) who are rather inspiring in their search for knowledge and learning.  Usually when I try to learn something, it is because it will be useful in my job or because my house is breaking.  These girls just seem to want to learn things just because they want to.  Which is pretty cool.  But hey, I also like my job and my house, so I suppose I’m also learning things because I want to (although fixing toilets is less of a want than it is a necessity).  I just have some monetary (and mental health) motivation behind it all.

Anyway, they were discussing how it’s good to have a blog just to track your progress, and also so you can look back on things and remember where you were or what you were working on and when.  Which made me feel guilty for having an empty wordpress blog, of course.  So I pulled in all of my old blog posts finaly (most of them probably)–even the posts from when I was in Germany. Now it looks much buffer!  Maybe I’ll pull in some stuff I’ve written on a wedding journal site (yikes).

But to the title of the post.  I have always imagined that everyone should have their own little webspace.  They’re own homepage or frontpage to the internet.  A little place to say: “Look, internet! I exist! You can tell, because I have a website.”  So here mine is. Back in action.

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One comment on “You must have your space
  1. Luis says:

    Welcome back! :) I noticed the posts had stopped since ’10.

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