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Sitting the in the Heathrow airport finishing this post before I fly to Morocco to get married!

Well, besides getting married next week (don’t worry, I’m not planning this one. It’s nice and stress free), I’m re-learning (or perhaps learning correctly) CSS.  I figure my first real project will be to edit the theme here on the blog and spice it up.  When I get bored of that I learn a little python with an online class I’m taking with Udacity about making software break.  It’s something we really really need to learn how to do at work.  Basically, we test our in-house software on the project that we’re working on. Which works fine for that project.  Then we try to use the same software on the next project where something is slightly different, and there you find problems exploding everywhere.  And we’re shocked when this happens … well, not really anymore.  It’s workable that way. We fix problems as we see them.  But I think it would be exceedingly helpful to foresee a few of the problems when originally testing the software.  It would probably save time anyway … but we do charge by the hour.

And then when I’m bored of all of that …. I watch Sherlock!  I just finished the last season of Sherlock (season?? it’s 3 episodes). I finally … er, acquired it … last week. I mean, really.  Who has time to watch a show when it runs on TV anymore?  I should get a DVR so I can stop “acquiring” things just because I missed the first airing.  I’ve watched it twice already just to catch everything I may have missed.  Man.  I knew what was going to happen, though. I accidentally caught part of the last episode, because I remembered far too late that PBS was running the new Sherlock on Sunday nights.  I showed up somewhere in the last 10 minutes of the last episode where Sherlock … you know. Talk about the worst place to jump in.

Anyway there are lots of theories out there, because Moffat (guy in charge) claims there’s a reasonable explanation and if you were paying attention you can figure it out … or something.  My theory is laundry cart, ball under arm, and possibly paralysis drug … and then of course, Molly.  If you haven’t seen it, hopefully that won’t spoil it for you.

Anyway, time to jump on a plane!

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One comment on “What to do …
  1. Stephanie says:

    Congratulations! Very exciting (the wedding…)

    Also, I am also very confused by that episode. I mean, I kinda saw the ending ending (like that part in the cemetery) coming, but I don’t think I understand how it worked…to be continued?

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